Welcome to the Declassified Guide to Love and Life!  This podcast is hosted by Empower RVA Teens of YWCA Richmond.  Empower RVA Teens is a youth-led leadership opportunity for local high school-aged young people.  It aims to prevent teen dating violence and sexual assault by empowering teens to teach their peers about healthy relationships, teen dating violence, sexual violence, and consent.  This podcast centers youth voices, experiences, and opinions.

Episode Four – March 28, 2023
Unpacking Microaggressions

Rabbie, Ansa, and Manya discuss the negative impacts of microaggressions, the dangers of misinformed authority, and the intersectionality of injustice. Stereotyped beliefs on gender, race, and sexuality are called into question as the Richmond teens describe their experiences within their schools and with their peers.

Unpacking Microaggressions
Episode Three – May 13, 2022
Youth’s Take on Mental Health

Elaina and Logan share about mental health including how social media has affected young people and their mental health in good and not so good ways, the generational gap in understanding mental health, and how COVID-19 negatively affected many people’s mental health.  They offer insight into how adults can support their young people when they are experiencing mental health issues in a loving and caring way.

Youth's Take on Mental Health
Episode Two – April 4, 2022
Youth’s Take on the LGBTQ+ Experience and Issues

Sophie joins Gabbi and Sheyla to discuss issues LGBTQ+ youth face including parents and families who are unsupportive or closed minded, homophobia and transphobia, and sexual assault. They offer reflections and insight on how can adults and peers help create communities where LGBTQ+ youth can thrive.

Youth's Take on the LGBTQ+ Experience and Issues
Episode One – February 22, 2022
Youth’s Take on Race and Growing Up in the Black Community

Sheyla and Gabbi reflect and discuss their experiences as Black youth and specifically, Black girls.  They cover many different topics including parent and family dynamics, the sexualization of Black girls, and attending predominantly white high schools.

Youth's Take on Race and Growing Up in the Black Community