Participants get to learn and experience so much throughout their years in the program. Below find out what current and past Peer Educators have to say about what they’ve learned and why other young people should join.

What is the best part of Empower RVA Teens?

”Getting to talk to people my age about social issues that directly affect a lot of them.”

“Being with people who support and listen to you.”

Getting the opportunity to talk to and learn from experts on social issues.”

“The feeling after an event that goes well. Getting positive feedback from people who attended.”

“Being able to learn about and discuss topics that you are passionate about.”

“Hearing others’ thoughts and ideas about different things!”

What have you learned from Empower RVA Teens?

“I’ve learned that teens can have a larger civic and social impact than I thought before”

“I’d say I’ve learned a lot about how to facilitate events and be comfortable with silence. Also in general have learned so much about topics like domestic violence/bodily autonomy from our speakers.”

“I have become more confident in my public speaking.”

“I have learned how to work with others in an event.”

“I’ve learned how to be a facilitator.”