Today, the Supreme Court has released its official decision, overturning the federal right to abortion and opening the door for states to ban abortion.  Roe v. Wade has protected women for more than 50 years, providing women the power to decide how and when to invest in their education, training, vocations, and careers. This decision ends the federal protections for abortion.  While abortion is still legal in Virginia, there are state restrictions that limit access, and this decision places our current generation as our nation’s first in more than 50 years to come of age without the constitutional right to abortion care.


YWCA Richmond stands with women – and especially women and girls of color, LGBTQ+ people, and those earning low-income wages – who will be disproportionately impacted by today’s decision.  We are all worthy of protection and safety.  In our daily work with survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence, we see how acts of violence remove power and agency from individuals. The freedom to make decisions and maintain body autonomy without coercion or discrimination is essential to healing and justice – and it is essential to building safe and thriving communities.


The freedom to make decisions about our bodies, lives, and futures require that we all have access to the reproductive healthcare we need, including access to abortion.  Reproductive healthcare, including abortion access, stands squarely at the intersection of gender equality, economic security, and racial justice, impacting people’s ability to exercise bodily autonomy, to plan their futures free from violence, coercion, and discrimination, and to access affirming health care.  Abortion bans are not only an assault on reproductive health – they put the lives of women of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, and low-income people at higher risk. These bans will push women out of the workplace and limit their education and careers, with lifelong consequences for themselves and their families.


Today’s decision is a systematic step toward controlling and criminalizing women when accessing the reproductive freedom we all deserve. To build safe and thriving communities, we must trust women, and especially women of color, to make the decisions that honor their autonomy and freedom.


In our work to eliminate racism and empower women, YWCA Richmond is committed to advocating the end of policies that deny access to comprehensive, equitable reproductive healthcare.  Below we are highlighting ways you can support the ongoing efforts of coalitions, organizations, and community members who are leading the fight for abortion access.  We will continue to update this resource list.

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