Amanda Eaddy McKeithan is an educator, storyteller, writing coach, creative consultant, and teen girl advocate in Richmond, VA. She is the founder of The Literary Enthusiast Creative Firm, LLC where she teaches the busy, professional woman how to creatively change the world. She does this through editing, ghostwriting, coaching, and pushing them to share their stories on and off of social media. In 2015, she started BrandNew as an opportunity to mentor and encourage teen girls to change their environments by changing their daily narratives, mindsets, and moves.

Changing the world through her creative works has always been her dream since she was 17 years old. Amanda is the proud author of 8 self-published titles, 6 titles under Amanda Eaddy Oliver and 2 under Amanda Eaddy. Her ultimate goal is to create short films and documentaries that highlight the lives of women under Storytelling in RVA films and Just Amanda Productions.  She believes that every female has a story that needs to be heard. Each story bravely told changes the world.

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