YWCA of Richmond #CharlestonRising Statement

The YWCA of Richmond stands in solidarity with the numerous organizations working every day to eradicate racial injustices in the city of Richmond. As a community, let us recognize the murders in Charleston are not  just one instance of deplorable violence. The Charleston murders are a part of a pattern of racially-motivated violence that extends to every city in the United States.We add our voice to the chorus of organizations in the city, commonwealth and country advocating for an end to racial injustice.

As a 128-year old Richmond institution, we appreciate and respect our city’s integral place in Southern and American history. We believe the Confederate flag represents a part of that history, and should be viewed in a context of historical importance, not public decoration. The YWCA of Richmond believes the Confederate flag should be removed from government-owned property in our city. Although racial injustice will only be healed through dialogue and hard work, removal of the confederate flag will serve as a commitment to healing the deep injustices of the past.

We encourage you to stand with the YWCA of Richmond’s vision to eliminate racism in Richmond and everywhere people believe in peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

The YWCA is on a mission to unite our community by standing up against racism. Join us.