What is the #YWCA130 Challenge?

YWCA Richmond has been at the forefront of creating positive social change in Richmond for 130 years! We believe that right now, our work to empower marginalized individuals, eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all is crucial in fostering a strong, safe and unified community.
We’re excited to build awareness of our work in the community, share our history and, most importantly, share ways that friends of our mission like you can get involved to empower others.

Why are we doing this?
We have recently received more and more interest in volunteering and in donating to our programs. We want to celebrate of our 130 years of activism the community and provide more people with an opportunity to get involved and share why they care about helping others in the Richmond region. This campaign will also help us increase the visibility of our mission and funding of our programs through “birthday gifts” to our Empowerment Fund.

How does it work? 
This interactive campaign involves two main components:
  1. Share one way you’ve been connected to YWCA Richmond in the past 130 years and/or our social media content.
  1. Support our ability to provide free and sliding scale services to survivors and low-income families by helping us reach 130 donations (of $10 or more) to our Empowerment Fund by 1/30! Any donor making a gift of $10 or more between 1/20 and 1/30 will be entered into a raffle to win a special #YWCA130 goodie package (including an On a Mission t-shirt, two tickets to the Broadberry concert benefit for YWCA Richmond on February 18 and more!)


How can I get involved?

Share, share, share! YWCA Richmond will provide content across our social media platforms, including historical clippings, photos and ways to get involved. We just need your help in increasing our audience by sharing this content and campaign with your friends and followers.
Please consider sharing YOUR experience with YWCA with #YWCA130 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – what it’s been like to volunteer, why you donate, why you support survivors, a program you were involved in in the past or any other way you’re attached to our mission. These stories mean everything to us, and help illustrate the impact of our mission in an engaging way.
YWCA Richmond is on all social media platforms as @ywcarva. Please consider following us if you haven’t already and feel free to share any of our content. The more people learn about our current work and our history, the better!
Thank you so much for helping us make this grassroots, interactive campaign informative, engaging and FUN!