About Fulfill-A-Wish

YWCA Richmond’s Fulfill-A-Wish Program was developed to meet the specific needs of the families entering our emergency housing after having escaped domestic violence. A survivor in our domestic violence program may request very specific basic items for themselves and their families, from a brand new child’s car seat to a child-sized mattress. The purpose of the Fulfill-A-Wish program is to provide individuals and families entering our emergency housing with essential items that we generally do not receive through other donation methods.

How does it work?

Unlike our general in-kind giving program, Fulfill-A-Wish gives donors the opportunity to meet specific requests of individuals and families as they enter our emergency housing. A Fulfill-A-Wish donor completes an initial interest form (bottom of this page) pledging the dollar value at which they would feel comfortable purchasing goods for a YWCA Richmond client. The donor will be contacted when their interest form is received and when a family has entered emergency housing and has requested goods at the donor’s giving level. For example. a donor pledging a gift(s) valued at around $250 would be contacted if a survivor in housing requests a specific breast pump kit valued at $249. Another example: a donor pledging to give at a $50 level will be notified when a survivor in emergency housing has requested a specific car seat valued at $50.

How do I get started?

If you’d like to empower a family in our emergency housing, consider directly supporting an individual or family with donated goods as they move forward toward a safe and positive environment. After reading the following considerations, you may contact our Fulfill-A-Wish team via the form at the bottom of this page.


Time Frame

We ask that before you commit to donate through the Fulfill-A-Wish Program, please consider the time it will take you to acquire items and drop them off at YWCA Richmond (6 N 5th St, Richmond, VA 23219). Once we are notified of a family entering our shelter that matches your monetary pledge, we will contact you. We ask that you drop off requested donation within one week after we have contacted you with the request. The time restriction is to ensure that our survivors receive their much-needed item in a timely fashion.


To protect the confidentiality and safety of survivors and families in our emergency housing, we cannot allow direct contact or the exchange of personal information (and photographs) between survivors and donors.


Due to the frequency in which survivors enter our emergency housing, there may be a waiting period of up to three months before we contact you to honor your pledge. If you’d like to learn about other ways to give to the individuals and families we serve in a more immediate time frame, from volunteering your time to making a tax-deductible financial contribution, click here.

If you would like to support an individual or family in our emergency housing, please fill out the interest form below. You may expect a call from us within 72 hours of completing this interest form to welcome you to the program.

Fulfill-A-Wish Contact Form

Interested in participating in our Fulfill-A-Wish program? Please fill out the following information and submit. A YWCA of Richmond team member will reach out to you within 72 hours of receiving this form to welcome you to the program.
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  • Donation Details

  • Choose the dollar amount that best represents the total value of goods for which you would like to donate to a survivor or family in the Fulfill-A-Wish program. We will contact you when a survivor's requested item(s) most closely matches this dollar amount.
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