Many of us know Becky Lee for her compassion, willingness to say “YES” and perseverance during her time at St. Joseph’s Villa, United Way, Family Lifeline and YWCA Richmond. Her depth of knowledge and commitment to serving others went beyond a typical day at the office. She is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and she sees the unlimited potential in every child she meets.

In honor of Becky’s retirement, consider a gift to help us realize one of Becky’s biggest accomplishments at YWCA Richmond. Her vision and leadership empowered the Sprout School to expand to infant care this fall. Help us raise $10,000 to honor Becky Lee and equip new classrooms for infants and toddlers who need high quality, affordable, full day childcare now.

It’s been a hard year. We are heartbroken to say good bye to Becky Lee virtually and are confident when the pandemic is over, we will get to give her a hug and thank her in person. While there is no doubt, she and Diane will be living their best life in the sun, surf and sand of the Florida Gulf, we already miss Becky Lee in Virginia. Richmond appreciates ALL she has done to better our community.

Your gift will honor Becky and give the next generation of leaders in Richmond a solid foundation with high quality, full day, full year care at YWCA’s Sprout School. We are purchasing cribs, rockers, chairs, books, formula, diapers and much more. With your gift, we will name one classroom at Sprout School at Bainbridge in honor of our friend, Becky Lee.